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Lola Olson

London, GB
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I'm a freelance content writer.

This portfolio contains both my personal and business writing.

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Five tips to get the most from your charity's blog | CharityComms

A positive mention of Scope's End the Awkward blog content.

Warwick davis being interviewed article
“You don’t need to be tall or large to be a hero.”

Lola Olson is Scope’s Interim Digital Content Manager. For our End the Awkward campaign, Lola got to interview film star Warwick Davis. Lola tells us what it was like meeting a childhood hero.

Older man and woman article
Other ways to show intimacy

Not everyone is keen on kissing. Whether it’s not something you can physically do or it’s just not particularly appealing, there are plenty of reasons not to feel thrilled about making out. If that’s you – or your partner – there’s lots of other ways to show your affection.

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Marriage Is Not Enough

My reaction to the US Supreme Court legalising same sex marriage.

Bryn anderson article
“I didn't know about web accessibility until I applied to Siteimprove ...

Lola Olson is Digital Marketing and Content Manager at Scope, which means that web accessibility is their primary concern. Lola says “having an accessible website isn’t just nice to have, it’s something we need as a disability charity.” One of the tools Scope uses to ensure our website is accessible is Siteimprove.

Who I remember on Transgender Day of Remembrance - Gay Star News

A comment piece I wrote for GSN on Transgender Day of Remembrance.

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A Case of Cis Regret

A personal post I wrote on Huffington Post about my experience with GICs.

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TAGS Is Giving Trans And Gender-Nonconforming Swimmers A ...

TAGS Is Giving Trans And Gender-Nonconforming Swimm...

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LGBTQ British Woman Detained in DRC - Act Now - EQView

With help from Stuart Forward and friends of mine, we made a post about a UK national in a dangerous immigration situation.

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Digital Campaign of the Week: British Heart Foundation | Third Sector

#BagItBeatIt is Third Sector's Digital Campaign of the Week. They specifically mention the pros of the website, which I have project managed.

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The Unbearable Whiteness of Evil - EQView

An analysis of a trend in geek culture involving depictions of evil characters and race.

British Heart Foundation - Bag it. Beat It

Since June 2014, I have project managed the development, launch, and production of the Bag It. Beat It. campaign website including the content, stories, and updates.

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'Engagement': What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

Back when social media was new to businesses, they measured their success in numbers of Followers and Likes. When it became clear that Likes and Followers could be bought and when Klout started to catch on, it became about "Engagement."

SEO-Based Approaches Are Marketing Snake Oil

Despite warnings about the dangers of guest blogging with links, many companies are still interested in using this form of content marketing to boost SEO. It does make sense. It’s always been difficult to measure ROI on marketing. Just because a certain amount of people see a billboard or an advert doesn’t guarantee you’ll see a boost in sales.

Checkmate - A.L. Olson

Original Fiction: Ambrosia is a waitress in a dingy burger restaurant part time while she attends community college. When her boss brings in some chess sets to attract new hipster customers, she finds herself seeing a couple of the pieces come to life. As she struggles to the difference between hallucination and reality, she wakes up to find that reality is not quite what she expected.